An open access, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal exploring all aspects of the relationship between human numbers and environmental issues.

Editorial introduction

Vol. 4, No. 2.

David Samways

First online:18 June 2020

Invited article

Disaster vulnerability by demographics?

Ilan Kelman

First online: 27 May 2020


Endangered species condoms: a social marketing tool for starting conversations about population

Sarah Baillie, Kelley Dennings and Stephanie Feldstein

First online: 27 May 2020

Peer reviewed article

Anticipating urbanization-led land cover change and its impact on local climate using time series model: a study on Dhaka city

Ripan Debnath

First online: 19 March 2020

Peer reviewed article

Measuring net environmental impact from population growth and alternative energy

Travis D. Edwards & Luis Gautier

First online: 4 June 2020

Book review

The urban fix – resilient cities in the war against climate change, heat islands and overpopulation by Doug Kelbaugh

Jenny Goldie

First online: 20 March 2020