An open access, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal exploring all aspects of the relationship between human numbers and environmental issues.

Editorial introduction

Vol 5, No 1

David Samways

First online: 23 December 2020


The fractal biology of plague and the future of civilization

William E Rees

First online: 9 December 2020

Peer reviewed article

Marx, population and freedom

Julian Roche

First online: 22 September 2020


Humanity’s environmental problems can only be fixed by changing the system. The coronavirus offers a chance

Graeme Maxton

First online: 1 December 2020

Editor reviewed article

Achieving a post-growth green economy

Douglas E. Booth

First online: 25 November 2020


We know how many people the earth can support

Christopher Tucker

First online: 25 November 2020

Peer reviewed article

Population effects of increase in world energy use and CO2 emissions: 1990-2019

Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia

First online: 3 December 2020